Does Zorz Studios have a studio we can use?

Do you have a studio we can use?

We have two studio locations, one in Manhattan and another in Poconos (Dingmans Ferry, PA). Unfortunately, the former is temporarily limited to office use and unsuitable for photo shoots, but the Poconos location is fully operational if you're local or wish to visit our lake house.

If you're in NYC thinking of a studio, fear not! We offer two alternatives:
  1. First and most popular—we bring the studio to you! Nothing you'd find in our Manhattan studio can't be had in your living room! We are fully portable, mobile, willing to travel anywhere, and eager to bring all the lights and needed backgrounds to your apartment, house, or hotel room.

    Messy house? Who cares? The backdrop will cover everything! You won't tell even if we work in a cluttered garage. A tiny apartment, you say? All we need is a room slightly larger than a walk-in closet. Family/kids around? Let's go to your friend or cousin! There is really no compelling reason to go to a studio other than to make it easy for us photographers.

    Besides comfort and convenience, the great advantage of shooting in your place is ensuring everything is at hand! No more "Wish I thought of bringing..." You can't bring all outfits and props, and so many things come to mind during the process when you can no longer grab it from another room!

  2. The second alternative, indispensable for creative projects, is renting a space tailored to your theme and vision. If you have a powerful, one-of-a-kind idea demanding a customized environment, a default studio may miss the mark, no matter how cool it looks. An airy loft for a dancer, a warehouse for an urban fashionista, a chic hotel suite for a boudoir client, a grungy basement for a goth, a Victorian chamber for a steampunk couple, a Moroccan lounge for a belly dancer... so many to list! How can one studio stylize all of these sets?

    We do better—we can access an extensive network of studios and spaces around NYC and the tri-state area to find your dream space. Please note that rental fees vary and are not included in our session fees.