Does Zorz Studios offer wardrobes/gowns/accessories? How about the props?

Do you offer wardrobes/gowns/accessories? How about the props?

We have some props but not wardrobes. Let's dive in.

Wardrobes and gowns. We are not a big or heavy-traffic studio that can afford to have wardrobe sets at hand. The main reason, though, is that we want each of our clients to look unique and wear something that fits her true personality, matches her style, and compliments her shape just perfectly, and not from the limited options those studios give. You may like their color but not the size, their style but not the material... Why settle?

We suggest a better alternative: short of hiring a dedicated and professionally trained wardrobe stylist (we have them for a separate fee), we recommend renting your perfect maternity dress, cosplay costume, Victorian gown, burlesque ensemble, pinup outfit, etc. Here are just some online stores that rent wardrobes for photoshoots:

  1. Rent the Runway
  2. Style Lend
  3. Glam Corner
  4. Armoire
  5. Le Tote
  6. The Volte
  7. The Wardrobe Curator
  8. Lending Luxury
  9. HURR Collective
  10. Designer Wardrobe
  11. Chic by Choice
  12. Tulerie
  13. Gwynnie Bee

You only pay a fraction of the retail price, often get free shipping, and—most importantly—have virtually unlimited style choices and endless combinations of colors and sizes! Be you!

Accessories and props. Following a similar philosophy, we carry very few of these but can offer some basics. For example, we:

You are still advised to arrange for the accessories and props that complement your character and theme, even with our offering! For example, besides our newborn set, how sweet it would be to prepare your baby's onesies, tiny knitted shoes, the toys she'll be playing with, or a book you'll read to him. 

We are happy to brainstorm with you during the post-booking preparations! As such, we put together a massive guide on what to wear and prepare for a boudoir session. It is packed with ideas!