How is Zorz Studios' shoot time measured? Is changing/breaks/travel between the locations excluded?

How is shoot time measured? Is changing/breaks/travel between the locations excluded?

For the sessions involving a studio, space, or pool rental, the shoot time follows the rental period. As an industry rule, it starts when we walk in and ends when we leave. This means that any time needed to set up and break down the equipment and do makeup and hair styling is part of the rental period. In other words, the actual shoot time will be less than the rental time.

For example, if you book a 4-hr underwater session, we rent a pool for 4 hours, of which 30-60 minutes will go to preparation and wrapping up.

For the sessions without rental space involved, you get the most out of your shoot time. We can arrive or start preparing before the agreed hour. Time begins at that hour with the first shutter press. If you aren't ready or running late, and we have any commitments after your shoot to leave at the agreed end hour, we'd have to count that time against the shoot time. Unless you wish to extend, we'll finish shooting at the end hour and break down any equipment afterward, not against your time.

In either of these cases, any breaks for food, changing, resting, discussion, makeup/hair, and moving between locations, count against your shoot time

For example, such breaks are inevitable during an 8-hour session or a 10-hour wedding. We could also drive or walk around to work in different places, even spending over an hour in traffic. We will not calculate that "lost" time and extend our session to compensate for free, as one client once suggested... Yes, we actually shoot for 6-7 hours only, but we spend all 8 or 10 hours on the job.