I don't want my photos shown in public, will Zorz Studios respect such privacy request?

I don't want my photos shown in public, will you respect such privacy request?

Foremost, this is a very important notion to point out prior to booking, not afterwards. The standard contract stipulates our rights to publish your photos, so don't accept without discussing it with us, please.

There are three main cases when we will oblige to such privacy request unconditionally:
  1. boudoir
  2. maternity with high levels of exposure
  3. sessions with young children
If you do not fall in such category, we can still work it out with a certain understanding. We are artists, we need our work to be widely seen not only for the continued self-esteem boost but also to attract new clients.

There is another, unspoken truth. When creating, we try harder knowing that hundreds of people might see the results... It would be insincere of any creative to claim otherwise. Every new post leads to something.

Depriving us of this opportunity has a direct effect on bookings so we can certainly respect your privacy request but may need to to charge a higher fee for the loss of unrealized profit.