I'm looking at this insanely dramatic shot of Zorz Studios', will my Enhanced images be along the same lines?

I'm looking at this insanely dramatic shot of yours, will my Enhanced images be along the same lines?

Maybe, if the shooting conditions were similar.

We do not enhance photos for the sake of using Photoshop. It is not our goal to throw as many techniques on them as we mastered and demonstrated in the past.

In other words, different photos fit different enhancing approaches. What worked for that image may ruin or look out of place in your photos. Or, it may not even meet the technical requirements (foundation) to start with. We see some photos calling for only subtle artistic changes while others have all the ingredients for drama (e.g., the sky, dynamics, shadows, tension).

Take a look at these examples, two on a stormy day and one in an illuminated cave. We also had creative light at hand. The images were indeed heavily enhanced to dramatize the sky and boost the color contrast and clarity, but if the same techniques were applied to a portrait on a clear sky day on a Central Park lawn, it would look horrendously amateurish.

A lot depends on the environment and flow of the shoot, so just in case, please do not expect the same outcome. Let's leave some room for a surprise.

In some cases, digital art can bring in what was missing. It comes at a price but if an insane photo is what you need from a regular shoot, we'll work on tha t!

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