Will Zorz Studios guide me during the photoshoot?

I've never done such shoots and clueless what to do. Will you guide me?

Aah, this is one of the best things about Zorz Studios experience! Most of the shots you see in our portfolio are of people like you who also had minimal to no experience. They look like professional models, don't they? This is what we know how to achieve.

Our experience in fine art and fashion industry, including building portfolios for aspiring models, lets us implement the trade secrets and techniques on how to pose and direct. Ed calls himself a sculptor and you should see him create his artwork! Not a single finger of yours will be left without his meticulous attention, not a degree of your head turn will be off, not a pose will be cliché and unflattering.

However, he can let those who are comfortable and truly natural, or knowing what to do, take the lead and freely express themselves. It's only an easier thing to do.