I work during the day and can only call in the evening, can I talk to Zorz Studios then?

I work during the day and can only call in the evening, can we talk then?

We, too! :) Back in the day, we didn't value family a lot... We still clock in 72+ hours per week so evenings became important in our personal lives. And, we may be too tired for you after a 12-hour work day. :)

We loooove to talk to clients during the day but our phone system goes down at 7 PM (end of business hours). It comes back as early as 7 AM, though! If you work late hours, let's chat during the breakfast! Or, perhaps at lunch or other breaks? For the same reason, any emails received after hours will be addressed the following business morning.

Some exceptions are the initial meetings with wedding clients and virtual meetings with overseas clients: those can occur any time of the evening or night!

And, of course, none of it pertains to the actual shooting! We shoot any time of the day and worked through the nights when needed. Our longest shoot was about 32 straight hours long.
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