Is retouching included in Zorz Studios packages, and to what extent?

Is retouching included and to what extent?

Many photographers will rely on the camera's auto-processing and not post-process any images, or will only process selected photos. Resulting images may be imperfect (too dark, tinted, unnatural skin tones, etc.)

We, on the other hand, only shoot in camera RAW format which allows for the greatest manipulation and adjustment of images. Since the camera makes no automatic adjustments, every single photo has to go through a manual post-processing on a computer on what we call a Standard level. The photos are adjusted for exposure, levels, contrast, color balance and color channel adjustment, clarity, tone mapping, sharpness, saturation, noise reduction, cropping, and a few more parameters. A filter may be thrown here and there. This is what many studios do and deliver. As you might guess, this is not the level you've seen in our portfolio. An advanced processing rules there and we call it Enhanced level. It involves a ton of crazy mixes of beauty retouching and artistic techniques. Ed, being a painter and fashion photographer, knows the secrets. Plus, his artistic background allows him see a bit more. Each package contains a given number of such Enhanced images, between 5 and 50. 

We put together a very detailed comparison table of all retouching levels we offer. Click here to see it, along with samples.