Can we do our own prints or albums or do we have to go through Zorz Studios?

Can we do our own prints or albums or do we have to go through you?

By all means! First, after the image preparation (see "How soon will I see my photos?") you will have your own online gallery to view and share with your friends and family. What's more, the same gallery serves as an ordering system during our initial 30-day exclusive printing period so your guests can order their own prints without ever bugging you!

Here's something to ponder on: for your own printing, you must be thinking of a consumer-grade service, either online or at a local store/pharmacy. They are fine if print quality is NOT critical to you, as it is often the case: they process thousands orders per day. Bulk printing cannot sustain the quality of product or customer care for too long.

We, on the other hand, use professional labs closed to public. They only service a limited number of professional photo studios, print less, constantly upgrade their exclusive state-of-the-art equipment, and value our B2B relationship, striving to keep us, studio owners, elated and returning. If you MUST have top quality, you can't beat those labs. They do charge more but you could see the difference. And yet, you may be surprised how relatively inexpensive our printing prices are!

If the price difference between our pro lab and your preferred consumer lab isn't convincing, you will be able to print all your high resolution photos whenever you wish after the final delivery.