How soon will I see my photos from Zorz Studios?

How soon will I see my photos?

So, we're talking about the first look, not the finished product yet. Typically, you will see them in 1-3 weeks depending on the season and current workload.

Technically, we can show the images the following business day but you would not see what you expected when hiring us. What we prepare requires above-average effort and extensive time.

Also, we always have a standing job queue and, just like you would not appreciate others cutting the line in front of you and pushing you back, we cannot bump your order at the expense of others waiting even longer.

Once you see the proofs in the gallery, the next stage for most shoots is enhancing and preparing additional products. Here's what the turnaround time is for that.
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      The online gallery is a paid service provided by a third party. Zorz Studios covers the first month of hosting the images so this is how long your gallery will be available for free. We believe this gives more than sufficient time to finalize the ...
    • When will I get the final products? Can I receive a few images before that?

      Turnaround times differ depending on the type of products, order volume, season, and even our travel plans. Here are typical cases: Initial (standard) editing: 1-3 weeks after your shoot Enhanced retouching: 2-4 weeks after you choose favorites ...
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      Each booking will lead to creating an online gallery and this is where all photos will go when ready. The gallery is password-protected (different from your account password) but you can freely give access to your friends and family. This gallery is ...
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      All jobs are delivered via the same online gallery (see previous question) via downloading. It is disabled during the studio's initial exclusive period of printing rights, but will be enabled upon our job completion. You will be advised via email, of ...
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