The proof gallery password doesn't work

The passcode for my online proof gallery does not work


The issue typically arises when a visitor tries to enter the account password as the gallery passcode. They are different and serve different purposes, as illustrated below.
  1. Account password: needed to handle your own favorites, make comments on the images, securely place online orders, and track them.
    1. It cannot be shared with the gallery guests.
    2. Initially set and emailed by the system right after the shoot, it can be reset by you.
    3. You do not need it to access the gallery.
    4. If your gallery guests want to mark own favorites and order anything, they will be offered to create their own guest account passwords. That way, favorites will not mix between you and your visitors.
  2. Gallery passcode: only needed to access the gallery. It simply serves as a fence from the strangers and does nothing else. We could omit it but most clients prefer privacy for their image galleries.
    1. This passcode is emailed to you days or weeks later, when the proof gallery is fully prepared for viewing. Both gallery's link and passcode will be listed next to each other.
    2. It is safe to share this passcode with anyone you want to invite to unlock and see the gallery, as it will not give access to your account.
    3. If you have several shoots with us, you will have separate galleries and correspondingly, several gallery passcodes.

Can you visually tell the difference between them somehow? Yes!

Account Login Screen

Below is how your account login screen looks (and a direct link). It is NOT the gallery access point, so if you try to enter your account using the gallery passcode here, it will keep failing. Don't bother resetting a passcode from this screen—you'll reset the wrong password (for your account), still gaining no access to the gallery.
CAUTION: If you try to enter the gallery passcode on this screen more than 3 times, the system will lock you out for 30 days as a suspected brute-force attack, as this is how hacker bots try to guess account passwords. If it still happens to you, contact us to get unlocked.
Where do you get the account password, anyway? You'll set your own via the link emailed to you, usually the following day after the shoot. If that email missed you, you can either reset it via the "Lost password?" link or by clicking "Sign Up" with the email we use for studio correspondence.

Here's the gallery login screen which you will see when clicking the gallery link sent via email. It is NOT for the account login so entering a password will keep giving you an error message (no lockout, though, so don't have too much fun there!)

Where do you get the gallery passcode, then? Can you reset it if forgotten? No. It was emailed to you and placed right next to the gallery link. Please find that email (usually, with the subject "Images Available for Viewing and Ordering from Gallery"), and then the passcode will be listed right under the gallery link at the bottom of the email.

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