Will Zorz Studios always have a backup of our photos/videos in case we lose them?

Will you always have a backup of our photos/videos in case we lose them?

Not for a long time. There are 2-4 copies of your images on separate drives/machines while we are processing them. If something malfunctions before the delivery, we'll restore and start over.

However, once we deliver, the studio can no longer hold responsibility for storing the images. To make room for the current projects, eventually they get permanently deleted from the archives as well. We don't offer set timeframe for such storage recycling but months after the delivery, the chance is high.

If we happen to still have your digital negatives (RAW), an administrative fee will have to be charged to restore, re-process, and re-deliver them.

You are strongly advised to make own backup copies and store them on separate devices in separate locations (think fire or flooding). The studio may be unable to help you recover any lost images.

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